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Boost SEO Rankings with AI Powered Keyword Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in every industry, and whether you’re excited about it or worried that robots will take over the world, AI is here to stay. And it’s also here to help you be more effective in your marketing efforts – including search engine optimization (SEO).

AI is being introduced in manufacturing, marketing, human resources, and more to help people be more efficient in their jobs. With the introduction of AI tools into so many different sectors, small business owners can take advantage of the benefit to help boost their marketing, content creation, and search efforts.

While AI can’t replicate the knowledge you have about your business, it can help you run your best business by automating tasks to give you back more time in your day. Various AI tools are available to help you improve your marketing efforts and automate some of the time-consuming tasks.

Let’s look at three ways AI can help you improve your SEO strategy.

Automate Time Consuming Tasks

Keyword research, understanding your local market, and implementing a search engine optimized strategy can take a lot of time and effort. And not only does it take time, but the search engine algorithm is continually changing, so your SEO efforts must also adapt.

AI tools, like Sweet Media Digital Agency’s RankAI (Coming Soon), can do the heavy lifting for you. Analyzing your website, your competitor’s website, and overall keyword popularity will help craft an SEO strategy to help you rank faster and higher on search engine result pages.

When Google deploys an algorithm update, the AI tool can re-work the strategy to understand how the new algorithm will affect your current search results and what changes your business needs to make to stay at the top of the page and the top of your ideal customer’s mind.

AI tools allow you to stay ahead of the competition without even thinking about it. By implementing an AI-powered SEO tool, you can get even faster results and a plan of action to improve your SEO and keyword distribution.

For instance, maybe you’ve been working to improve your SEO efforts to beat out your biggest competitor for a specific keyword, and you haven’t been able to crack the code on how to rank higher. You can use AI to help you understand your competitor’s SEO and recommend how to be higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

Analyze Data and Provide Insights

Once you’ve implemented your SEO strategy, it’s time to evaluate its effectiveness. And keep in mind the world of SEO is constantly changing. Algorithm changes are just one piece of the puzzle. You should be updating your website often with new high-quality content, and those updates also affect your SEO. AI and machine learning can continuously scan your website and analyze your SEO efforts.

A tedious process that would take SEO professionals hours is completed in seconds, letting you make adjustments faster so that you don’t waste time focused on an area that won’t yield results. With these AI-powered insights, you can be more agile than your competitors and make changes more efficiently. A leg up on the competition can help you drive more leads to your business.

As AI analyzes keyword data, along with your website’s keywords and those of your competitors, it can provide insights on changes to make that will help you rank faster and better. It may be simple changes like using “AC repair” instead of “air conditioner repair.” AI’s ability to quickly analyze millions of data points allows you to make even minute changes to improve your overall SEO. And you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the secret code alone.

Improve Content for Better Keyword Visibility

Your website is full of content that helps showcase your expertise and lets search engines know when you should appear in search results. Keywords are the roadmap for Google and others to know when your SEO content should be included in someone’s Google search.

Without the right keywords, your website or advertising may not show up. There’s always a chance that you think you know the right keyword for your business, but your ideal clients are searching for something else, and you’re missing the mark. Sweet Media Digital Agency’s RankAI will analyze frequent keywords used on your website and within your content and compare them to those being searched most often to help your business find the keywords that will get you the most leads possible. The ai tool does the keyword research for you.

If you’re unsure which keywords would be best for a new blog or piece of content, you can always ask ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, or another AI SEO tool for suggestions. You can AI to give you a list of keywords for a blog about using AI in SEO, and you’ll get a list of keywords that people are likely to search for. Here’s what Google’s Bard suggested:

  • AI SEO
  • Artificial intelligence SEO
  • How to use AI for SEO
  • AI-powered SEO
  • The future of SEO
  • SEO trends

Ready to Start Using AI?

If you haven’t already started using AI to help you improve your digital marketing efforts, now is the time. AI and machine learning are making huge strides every day in how they can help business owners automate tedious tasks. While AI can’t run every facet of your business for you, it can be an invaluable tool to give you more time to handle the other aspects of your company. The ever-changing landscape of SEO makes using AI a no-brainer. You don’t have to worry about how your SEO rankings change with algorithm updates because artificial intelligence is already evaluating those changes in real time. Combining ai and SEO will allow you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Sweet Media Digital Agency’s RankAI solution analyzes more than 40,000 data points for every keyword. This analysis gives your optimization team important data on why your site ranks and what improvements could be made to get your website ranking higher. Ranking.AI has helped businesses improve overall organic search by 31% for clients in the home services industry. A Sweet Media Digital Agency study of Google rankings for over 100,000 keywords found that 80% of Sweet Media Digital Agency clients outrank their competitors.

Sweet Media Digital Agency’s SEO team generated over 15,000,000 new customer leads for our clients from free organic search traffic in the past year. If you’re interested in how Ranking.AI can help you, contact Sweet Media Digital Agency for more information.

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